Ray Tomasso

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Contact Information:


Studio Address:

2905 S. Elati Street

Englewood, Colorado 80110

Artist Statement - Earth-Friendly Fine Art

Ray Tomasso's work is especially at home in settings that value fine art united with the principles of a sustainable and eco-friendly environment.

It is created from recycled, biodegradable and renewable plant fibers using historic European hand-papermaking techniques.

Tomasso first shreds cotton rags, such as blue jeans, and archival ragboard scraps. He then runs them through a Hollander beater to reduce them to loose fibers. The resulting chemical-free pulp, suspended in water, is formed into sheets of paper on traditional European moulds and deckles.

Wet sheets of paper are taken directly from the mould and laid onto compositions of found materials, capturing a detailed reverse impression. Once dry, the cast paper is mounted and painted by Tomasso using primarily natural pigments.