Roxanne Rossi


Statement about My work in Handmade paper

Hand made paper is a medium with contradictions. It can be substantial and delicate, temporary or enduring, support the medium, or be the medium.

My exploration of this medium is to create contrast. 

Contrast in the pure white with shadows formed from textures. Contrast with the large smooth soft spaces, and areas of texture.

By playing with this paradox in handmade paper I then construct the visual tension.

The result is minimal, yet expansive.

Artist Statement

Contrast has become the most important element in my work. Stretching the bounds of each distinction, yet in some way keeping each difference related. My dress series addresses this contrast through the interplay of intricate and delicate features from handmade  paper, contrasted with smooth, thick, creamy paint. After manipulating the paint, tearing it away to reveal the dress creates the surprise for me. The applications become united as the purity of each is damaged, and the beauty of contrast is revealed.

Next Show:

Sync Gallery Opens- February 19, 2010

Studio Address:

3300 Walnut Street #107

Denver, CO  80205

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